About Lady Irwin Senior Secondary School

The Lady Irwin Senior Secondary School for Girls was founded in 1927 on the initiative of Shri Satish Chandra Das, Member of the Viceroy's Executive Council. The school moved to Shimla during summer months and came to New Delhi during the winter months along with the office with the office of the Central Secretariat. The school was under the Central Government. The school provided hostel accommodation to a large number of teachers. They used to travel in special trains from Delhi to Shimla and Shimla to Delhi. The children used to go to Shimla with their parents who were provided government accommodation in Shimla.

The 'motto' of the school is "Dhiyo yo na prachodyat", i.e. "Let our faculties flourish". The emblem of the school is a Lotus in full bloom, deriving vitality and sustenance from water on which it floats and from sunrays by which it is enveloped. The colour of the school is saffron. The motto, emblem and colour of the school symbolize the philosophy of education that guides the programme of the school.

Since 1927 the school has been playing a vital role in promoting the cause of education by imparting quality education with special emphasis on Indian culture, tradition and values to thousands of girls. Lady Irwin Senior Secondary School for Girls is a Government Aided School. It is situated at D-Block, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024 ( Pre-Primary and Primary Sections ) and at Sh Shrimant Madhav Rao Scindia Marg (erstwhile Canning Road), New Delhi-110001 (Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Sections). Its medium of instruction is English. It is a composite school from Pre-Primary to Class XII. The School is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Govt of NCT Delhi, Zone-26, Distt-Central and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. An integrated curriculum developed by the NCERT is followed from Classes I to XII.

The school considers every child as a precious charge entrusted to its care. The school therefore, aims at giving the children opportunity for developing their multiple potentialities, all in equal vigour in a congenial environment keeping in view the following:
i. Need for love and affection.
ii. Realization of one’s power of inspiring others.
iii. Fostering the spirit of helpfulness.
iv. Holding before the children an ideal character for them to adore and follow.
v. Opportunity for self-expression.

For RTI Principal / HOS is the PIO. Manager is the first Appellate Authority. School is under Directorate of Education,under Govt. Delhi Of NCT, Under Zone 26.

Affiliation Type : Permanent
Affiliation No. : 274001
Affiliation with the Board since : 1959
Extension of affilition upto : Life

Area of school campus.
(i) In Acres : 1 Acre
(ii) In sq. mtrs. : 3027.28 sqm
(iii) Area of playground in sq. mtrs 600 sqm
(iv) Other facilities:
    (i) Indoor games(Table Tannies, Bhally Ball, Basket Ball)
    (ii) Dance Rooms
    (iii) Gymnasium
    (iv) Music Rooms
    (v) Health and Medical Check up.

Transport facility : Buses hired on contract basis - D.T.C.

Library facility : Size 880 sq. ft.

Section wise enrolment of school for the current session : Class - 12, Section - 72, Enrolment - 3114

Academic session Period : The School Academic Session starts on 1st April of every year and ends on 31st March of the following year.

Vacation Period : from 15th May to 30th June

Admission Period : from April to July