Six Houses of Lady Irwin School

Our six houses named after the great women of India i. e. Maitryee, Gargi, Lilawati, Laxmi Bai, Sanghamitra and Ahalyabai-constantly reminds of their high ideals and values to our young students to makeworthy their lives.

Maitreyee-Light Blue
Maitreyee said - What is the use of such Materialistic riches which cannot make you immortal ‘’Self Realization ‘’ is the true wealth one can ever possess.

Gargi-Dark Blue
Gargi was popular as the most versatile women and the store houses of knowledge since the beginning of knowledge since the beginning of Vedic Age.

Lilawati – Green
Lilawati outnumbered anyone in that period in mathematics. Her knowledge in Mathematics could not be challenged.

Laxmi Bai – purple
Laxmi Bai was famous for her valour and strength. Laxmi Bai lit the first flame in the fight against the British Rule.

Sanghamitra – Yellow
She was an epitome of modesty. She had inherited traits of service to the human race. She was the first example of ancient India when a prince had taken the lead to remove the darkness of ignorance from the mind of thousands of women by her knowledge.

Ahalyabai – Red
Ahalyabai was highly logical and she had blind faith on justice. She was equally respected by Hindus and Muslims.

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