School Rules

General Rules and Regulations
The Parents are requested to go through these rules for compliance by them and their ward.

(A) Dress and Personal Cleanliness:

  1. Children should come to school smartly dressed up in washed and ironed school uniform as under:
    Class Summer Winter
    VI to XII White Salwar, Kurta
    ½ sleevs,
    Black Shoes and
    White socks
    Same dress code with
    sweater(Grey Colour)
    & blazer(Navy Blue)

  2. Each child must bring water bottle, tiffin box, napkin and clean handkerchief daily to the school. Nails should be cut and hair should be free from lice, properly cleaned, combed and tied.

  3. Parents are requested not to bring tiffin for their wards at school. In case the child forgets to bring it, the school will provide tiffin to the child.

  4. No child suffering from any communicable disease like Measles or chicken Pox etc. will not be allowed to come to the school until the expiry of quarantine period (10 days for Measles, 21 days for Chicken Pox, 14 days for Mumps).

  5. (B) Discipline:

    1. Children should carry the diary every day to school. Children should come to school regularly and punctually. If a child misses the bus, parents should make necessary arrangements to send her to school in time, not later, then 08:00 AM and inform the class Teacher and bus duty teacher the child’s attendance. Those who come by private transport must attend the prayer. This instruction must be applicable for the Transport (DTC & Pvt.). After 8:00AM no buses are allowed to enter in the school premises unless under unforeseen circumstances.

    2. No pupil will be exempted from playing games, doing Yoga or physical training without a medical certificate.

    3. Students are not to offer any gift/ present to the teachers.

    4. The children should not bring valuable things like wrist watches, gold ornaments. The school does not take the responsibility for the loss of such articles.

    5. The children are also not allowed to bring mobile phones and I-Pod. It is strictly prohibited and such items is liable to be confiscated will not be returned.

    6. Students must attend the school regularly and punctually at the scheduled timings. Parents are therefore, requested to ensure that their wards reach the school at least five minutes before the morning bell. Late comers may be refused entry in school.

    7. The students must attend the morning assembly and observe order and decorum befitting the occasion.

    8. The students should always move in proper lines while going to attend the Morning Assembly, changing rooms, from the playground after the game and P.T. Period, in silence. This should also be done at the time of leaving the school.

    9. In the absence of the teacher in the class-room, pupil are required to observe silence and obey the Monitor of the class. No students shall loiter in the school and disturb teaching in their classes, period should be fruitfully utilized in the reading room/library for creative activities or hobbies.

    10. The students are liable to be punished and may be dismissed for any of the following reasons:

      1. Immoral behavior
      2. Mischief among students
      3. Rowdism and bullying Junior students.
      4. Willful damage to or destruction of the school property.

    11. Any report observed objectionable conduct inside the school during school hours on the part of the pupils will make them liable to disciplinary action.

    12. Pupils are responsible to school authorities for their conduct not only in the school but also for their general behavior outside. It is expect that through their good behavior they must enhance the prestige of the school.

    13. After school hours students are not permitted to go from school for group outings organized on their own or to their friend’s houses.

    14. No student shall go out of the class without class pass from the monitor, if anybody is found without pass she will be liable to punish.

    15. Students should all the times, inside and outside the school, address the teacher and other staff members with respect and speak well of the school and uphold the reputation of the school at all times.
    16. Nobody will be permitted to meet the students during school hours and the students will not be allowed to go with anybody else, except the parents.
    17. Children are not allowed to celebrate their birthday in the school by bringing cakes & gifts from home.

    (C) Attendance

    A student must obtain 75 per cent attendance for appearing in the annual Examination and promotion to the next class.

    (D) Leave

    1. Please send the leave application whenever the student is absent from the school.
    2. In case of sickness, medical certificated should be attended and a fitness certificate produced at the time of joining the school. Children will not be allowed any leave preceding or succeeding long vacation.
    3. Parents are requested to make the payment of bus fee in time. (By ¾ installment)to the duty teacher.

    (E) Fees

    1. Parents are requested to make all the payments in the form of Draft on time to class Teacher.

    2. No duplicate fee slip will be issued.

    3. The final result of the child will not be declared till all her dues are cleared.

    (F) Home Work and Class Work

    Parents are requested to go through exercise books of every subject of their wards from time to time and sign the Home Diary daily. Home Work and correction work should be done regularly.

    (G) Transport

    1. If a child misses the bus and is dropped in the school by the parents or due to some unavoidable circumstances parents want to take the child home kindly make it report to inform the concerned bus duty teacher .

    2. No student will be allowed to travel by any other bus except by the one allotted to her.

    3. For any change in the residential address, resulting in the change of bus route prior intimation and sanction must be obtained from transport department, the class teacher, as well as the concerned bus duty teacher.

    4. Any teacher or bus monitor of our school has right to report to the principal if a child misbehaves in the bus . Necessary action can be taken against her.

    (H) Examination and Promotion

    1. Every report book must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned within a week.

    2. 33% of marks in the aggregate is essential to get promotion to the next class.

    3. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue her studies in the school.
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